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The most effective way to ensure long life for your Moto Guzzi motor is to change its oil frequently. Cycle Garden recommends a complete tune up with oil change every 3000 miles. The importance of this maintenance is integral to the health of vintage Moto Guzzi motors, given that the Eldorado, Ambassador and V700 use an oil screen instead of a filter.

For those who like to do it yourself, we strongly recommend that you pull the oil pan in conjunction with your oil change; draining and filling isn't enough, because the majority of sludge and residue forms at the bottom of the oil pan and should be removed for cleaning.

Cycle Garden tune-ups also include the re-torquing of heads, valve adjustments, spark plug inspection and the cleaning and synchronizing the carburetors. As per Moto Guzzi factory specs, we also recommended you change points and condensers, (along with the oil) every 3000 miles.

If your vintage Guzzi is running poorly, a common issue may be a worn out distributor, which can cause "timing float". This means that the timing can advance or retard up to 20 degrees due to the worn-out distributor shaft housing. For an extra fee we can rebuild your distributor by replacing the springs and checking the weights to make sure the distributor is advancing properly. We also check the distributor shaft and drive-gear for proper tolerance.

After each tune-up, we test your Guzzi for unusual noises, safety issues, and general performance. Like all vintage motorcycles, Moto Guzzi's need to be tuned periodically to keep them operating at peak efficiency. At Cycle Garden, we make it our priority to keep your V-twin purring like a kitten.