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If your Moto Guzzi has been involved in an accident, many times your insurance company (with some pressure) will completely cover the cost of repair plus shipping cost if you request it. If you don't have a local shop that specializes in vintage Moto Guzzis, then you have the right to choose a specialized shop to perform the needed repairs.

Our experience is that insurance companies will always try and give you much less than the true value of your bike or repairs. That's their job. And even though, like most fair minded people, you just want your bike back the way it was (no more, no less) - that often proves to be a cage match.

We specialize in handling insurance claims and repair quotes, and dealing with the bottom feeding bastards at the insurance companies. Cycle Garden is associated with attorneys that specialize in vintage motorcycle claims and personal injury. We hear of outside cases all the time where the insurance companies will try and force a low settlement on a claimant, and without some sort of help there is a slim chance you'll get the full value of your repairs or replacement cost.

It's best if we are involved with the claim from the beginning. We can show your insurance company invoices of past repairs and restorations of bikes of equal value, forcing them to see the light.

"Blue Book" values of vintage Moto Guzzis will not reflect the current restoration prices. In our experience, insurance adjusters will always try to low ball the cost of repairs while stalling you on payment. The less they give you for your repairs, the more money they keep in their coffers - aren't they wonderful?

So give us a call, even if you're involved in a simple fender bender. We'll get it straightened out!